Everything you need to know about Submit Game
The story

Hello, i'm Henri. Some of my friends are indie game devs. They are good, very good, but many complain about a recurring problem : "How to promote my game???". … And the most annoying part is that if they don't promote their games, it won't work. To highlight the problem more clearly: indie games suffer from a lack of visibility and working weeks may be wiped out due to lack of promotion.

This affects all indie game developers. Just consult Quora to realize that this problem is global.

I'm not telling you that my solution will revolutionize lives, but it's a good start. I created a simple platform to help game creators to get more exposure, submitting their works to +3000 video game enthusiasts around the world for free.

I hope it'll help :)

Who's behind Submit Game?

We are Henri and Yann, two french guys, video game enthusiasts and bootstrapers.

How can i subscribe to the Submit Game email digest?

Every day, we send you a digest of the best new games. You can subscribe here.

How can i submit a game?

Submit Game is a community of video game enthousiats. Submissions are accepted by our most active members and those that have been invited by others in the community. To get an invite, just sign in and then click on "Submit" in the menu bar and click on "Ask an invite" to receive an invite by email.

What kinds of games are accepted?

All kinds of games are accepted on any devices (Console, Mobile or Browser). Just one thing, if your game is just a the exact copy of a famous one, it won't interest the community. In this case, pass your way.

How can i upvote a game?

To upvote a game you like, just go to the homepage and then click on the arrow to the left of the game. To cancel your vote, click on this arrow again.

How can i get more upvotes for my game?

You can invite your friends and followers to vote for your game, sharing the news on Twitter or Facebook

Where can i find your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service?

For your reading pleasure, review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

How can i contact you?

For any questions, you can contact us here hello@submitgame.io